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    Cserháti Éva


The Mermaid’s Secret

by: Cserháti Éva

The Mermaid’s Secret is upmarket commercial crime fiction with a strong sense of place and history, and elements of feminist fiction.

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It is mid-July 2015, and a heatwave is frying Budapest. Superintendent Telki-Nagy is close to achieving her life ambition: she has been given the opportunity to build up and lead a team in the homicide department. However, she has serious doubts whether the five people designated to her team will ever be able to work together. She is especially worried about Captain Vasvári, an unpleasant alcoholic in his late fifties, who has been with the police force for almost four decades. His contacts with the high command go back to state socialist times and protect him from being fired.

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“The Mermaid’s Secret”

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