The Cases of the HAND

crime series

The Mermaid’s Secret

It is mid-July 2015, and a heatwave is frying Budapest. Superintendent Telki-Nagy is close to achieving her life ambition: she has been given the opportunity to build up and lead a team in the homicide department. However, she has serious doubts whether the five people designated to her team will ever be able to work together. She is especially worried about Captain Vasvári, an unpleasant alcoholic in his late fifties, who has been with the police force for almost four decades. His contacts with the high command go back to state socialist times and protect him from being fired.

Escape room

In Escape Room – The Second Case of the HAND (Athenaeum, 2021) six women are sitting in 1974 in the waiting room of a small town hospital. They are waiting for the decision on their cases to be issued by the local abortion committee. One of them disappears on her way back to the canning factory where they all work, and she is never found. In 2016 a group of young activists who are just about to form a new opposition party, are relaxing in an escape room. The game turns deadly as one of them – the future leader – dies from an allergic attack. The victim is the grandson of the woman who was last seen in 1974. And only a week before his death he hired a private investigator to look into the disappearance of his grandmother.

? - The Third Case of the HAND

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