The HAND Series

post-socialist crime fiction


Last Stop Moscow Square

Book 1

It is 2015. The communist past has been scraped from the country’s surface but still shapes people’s lives. Three murders are committed in Hungary, in town squares where old communist memorials once stood.

The crimes point towards the Greek community, who arrived in Hungary as refugee children in 1948. When the investigation leads back as far as the beginning of the Cold War, the different generations of detectives struggle with their different visions of Hungarian history.

The new team is a centre-piece of the police force’s image building campaign, and the legacy of the state security services casts a long shadow over the investigation.

Escape Room

Book 2

It is 1974. Six women are sitting in the waiting room of a small town hospital. They are waiting for the decision on their cases to be issued by the local abortion committee. One of them disappears on her way back to the canning factory where they all work and she is never found.

It is 2016. A group of young socialists who are just about to form a new opposition party, are relaxing in an escape room. The game turns deadly as one of them – the future leader – dies from an allergic attack. Was it an accident or was he murdered? If his death was deliberate, the killer must be one of the players in the closed escape room.

The victim of the allergic attack is the grandson of the woman who was last seen in 1974. And only a week before his death he hired a private investigator to look into the disappearance of his grandmother.


Pilgrimage to Death

Book 3

A respectable Catholic priest is found dead in a confessional compartment of a pilgrimage train with a middle-aged nun by his side, covered in blood. She is member of a female order that was dissolved under the communist regime and survived in the underground.