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The Cruising Women’s Advisor

Írta: Diana Jessie

Nagyon hasznos útmutató nőknek, akik fedélzeten szeretnének élni.

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The cruising life offers adventure, exotic destinations, and expansive opportunities for personal growth. But considering such a life leads to vexing questions: What do I need to learn? What do I do if my partner falls overboard? How will our relationship be tested at sea? Let longtime cruiser and circumnavigator Diana Jessie start you on the journey of a lifetime with her advice on short-term cruising or long-term voyaging. She addresses the concerns of women cruisers, including:

  • Cruising roles and relationships
  • What life at sea is really like
  • Children on board
  • How to make the boat your home as well as his
  • Identifying the dangers and putting them into perspective . . . and more

Kiadó: International Marine
Kiadás dátuma: 2007
Oldalak száma: 208