• Lin Pardey


Seraffyn’s Mediterranean Adventure

Írta: Lin Pardey

Ez volt az első vitorlás könyv, amit olvastam, és nagyon nem tetszett az a szerep, ami  anőnek jut a hajón. A szerzőpáros nagyon híres, de több könyvüket nem vettem a kezembe.

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Join Lin and Larry Pardey onboard their cruising cutter Seraffyn as they explore the history-laden waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  For three years they meandered under sail eastward from the rocky monolith of Gibraltar to the imposing stone ramparts of Malta. They share stories here on the kaleidoscope of the people who filled their days along the way, from the British military officers who joined them for days races to the officials who turned them into smugglers (not of drugs but a boat full of yeast, flour, vegetables, and propane — and eventually twenty dollars worth of noodles!)

Lin’s warmhearted storytelling will draw you into their cruising life and reveal the secrets that kept this well-known couple wandering the watery reaches of the world for more than forty years.  Lin and Larry paid for their apparent freedom by working along the way — delivering and repairing yachts, and writing for magazines around the world.  Their motto — Go Small, Go Simple, Go Now — has inspired thousand of potential voyagers to stop dreaming and set out to sea.


Kiadó: Paradise Cay Publications
Kiadás dátuma: 1981
Oldalak száma: 256