• Tania Aebie és Bernadette Bernon


I’ve Been Around

Írta: Tania Aebie és Bernadette Bernon

Tania Aebi cikkeit tartalmazza ez a könyv, aki egyik vitorlázó példaképem. Tizenévesen kerülte meg a Földet hajójával, és jelenleg vitorlás túrákat szervez csak nőknek!

Books of Tania Aebie és Bernadette Bernon

In 1985, at age 18, Tania Aebi set out to sail around the world alone. She became instantly famous with Maiden Voyage, the best-selling book she wrote about the solo trip. In over twenty years of cruising by herself and with family, and leading ten-day flotillas to charter destinations in a professional capacity, she has gathered many anecdotes, observations, opinions, cautionary tales and advice. Indeed, she has been around. She was hired as a columnist in 1997 by the fledging sailing magazine Latitudes and Attitudes. ?Casual and friendly in its approach to the sailing world, the magazine’s tone provided me with a place to explore my own reflections on what I already knew and continued to learn about the sailing way of life and how to share it all with others.? In this, her first book since Maiden Voyage, there is something for the armchair sailor dreaming about sailing off one day, as well as for the sailor in the cockpit actively chasing those horizons.


Kiadó: Sheridan House
Kiadás dátuma: 2005
Oldalak száma: 213