• Debra Ann Cantrell


Changing Course

Írta: Debra Ann Cantrell

Útmutató nőknek, hogy miért vagy miért ne válasszák a vitorlás életet. Nagyon szeretem ezt a könyvet.

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When her husband proposed living on a boat full-time, Debra Cantrell wondered what other women in her position had done and began a five-year study to find out what choices they had made and how it had all worked out. The result is “Changing Course,” a guidebook for navigating this odyssey. No matter what the outcome, each woman was strengthened by the experience.

In an era when “downshifting” is common and people are considering the benefits of simplified living, “Changing Course “is both timely and practical.


Kiadó: International Marine
Kiadás dátuma: 2000
Oldalak száma: 186