• María Dueñas

The Heart Has Its Reasons

by: María Dueñas

The original Spanish title is Misión Olvido.

Meet the Author
María Dueñas Vinuesa (Puertollano, provincia de Ciudad Real, 1964) kasztíliai születésű spanyol írónő. A Murciai Egyetem angol nyelv és irodalom professzora, de korábban tanított észak-amerikai egyetemeken is. Édesanyja családja a marokkói spanyol protektorátus területéhez tartozó Tetuánban is élt, aminek köszönhetően ez a helyszín visszaköszön irodalmai munkásságában is. Magyarországon az Öltések közt az idő és az Elfelejtett misszió című regénye jelent meg.
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About This Book

Blanca Perea is a college professor in Madrid who seems to have it all. But her perfect career and marriage start to unravel when her husband of twenty years suddenly leaves her for another woman. Devastated, Blanca is forced to question the life she once had and how well she truly knows herself. She leaves Madrid for San Francisco, where she becomes entrenched in the history of an enigmatic Spanish writer who died decades earlier. The more Blanca discovers about this man, the more she is enthralled by the ill-fated loves, half truths, and silent ambitions that haunted his life.
With lush, imaginative prose and unforgettable characters, “The Heart Has Its Reasons “is a journey of the soul that takes readers from Spain to California, between the thorny past and all-too-real present. It is a story about the thrill of creating one’s life anew.


Publisher: Gabo
Publish Date: 2014
Page Count: 518